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“This is How We Fought in Gaza 2014”: Breaking the Silence’s new report

CREA, 9 september 2015

With Yehuda Shaul, co-founder of Breaking the Silence

Breaking the Silence, an organization of former Israeli combatants, has collected testimonies from nearly 70 soldiers in mandatory and reserve service that took part in the invasion of the Gaza Strip during the summer of 2014 (dubbed by the Israeli military as operation Protective Edge). These soldiers’ testimonies were published in Breaking the Silence’s recent report, “This is How We Fought in Gaza 2014.” The testimonies in this collection close the yawning gaps between the claims of the Israeli military and government spokespersons about the combat scenarios and the reality described by the soldiers on the ground. The Israeli military doctrine during the latest war on Gaza, as reflected by the testimonies, raises questions regarding the ethical norms that guide Israel’s military conduct in general, and throughout the various attacks on Gaza in particular. The findings that arise from the testimonies call for an honest and thorough investigation into how Israeli occupation forces were deployed during the latest attack on the Gaza Strip.


The presentation of the report was organized by gate48 and Palestine Link