critical Israelis in the Netherlands

gate48_A6lightgate48 is a platform for Israelis living in the Netherlands who oppose the occupation of the Palestinian territories and call for its end. We wish to convey to the Netherlands opinions and voices which show that criticizing Israel’s official policy is not the same as being anti-Israeli.

gate48 organizes activities in the Netherlands that provide a platform to people from Israel/Palestine who work together in non-violent ways to resist the occupation and to find a just solution for all. We strongly believe that the two peoples who share the same land must share equal justice and equal rights.

Panel Discussion: ‘Democracy under threat’

Israel’s recent ‘Jewish nation-state law’:  the threat it poses to democracy in Israel and the prospects of a just solution in Israel Palestine.

Wednesday, 7 November, 20:00 in CREA Amsterdam






Dr. Afeef Safye, former Ambassador of Palestine in The Hague, Washington DC, London and Moscow

Dr. Yeela Livnat Raanan, University Lecturer in Sapir college, and activist.

Dr. Afo Agbaria, former member of the Knesset (Israeli parliament) and chairman of Hadash (Arab-Jewish political party)