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gate48 & Isam Nadaf invite you and your family to our fourth alternative Seder, the traditional Pesach (Passover) meal.

Friday, the 19 of April 2019, at 17:00 in Amsterdam.

Pesach in the Jewish tradition symbolizes the journey from slavery to freedom. The Hagada (the book of Pesach) tells the story of the Hebrew people as slaves in Egypt and their journey to freedom. Today, we celebrate this tradition as free people, while our state, that calls itself a Jewish state, systematically denies freedom to Palestinians. Pesach is also called the “spring holiday” as it symbolizes a new beginning and hope. We will therefore dedicate our Seder meal to the hope for new future for the Palestinian people, free from the chains of oppression.

Fundamental to Pesach is the Jewish mitzvah (commandment) והגדת לבנך ביום ההוא לאמור “, (vehegadeta lebinch bayom hahu leamor),“and on that day you shall tell your child”. It calls upon every generation to tell the story of this journey to freedom. Following this tradition, we devote our Seder meal to the journey of the Palestinians to freedom that we are committed to support.

The Seder this year will take place 10 days after the national elections in Israel. Elections are considered to be a democratic celebration, however 35% of the population under Israeli control do not have the right to vote and decide about their own future. Today in Israel, the left wing has very little support, and the people that do voice their critical opinions are considered to be extremists if not traitors. With the current atmosphere the elections on the 9th of April will be between the right wing party Likud, that has already made a pact with an ultra-right wing fascist party to secure their win, and the new moderate right wing party, Blue and White, that already declared that there will be no settlements evacuated. Still, we refuse to lose hope, especially on the eve of Pesach. We therefore invite you to share your thoughts and ideas about a better future for everyone in Israel Palestine with us.

Together with our generous host we invite you to an evening full of determination for a different future. The Pesach meal is traditionally a long meal with many courses and many stories and songs. Isam’s delicious food will be accompanied by stories from both past and present.

We invite you to share your personal and political stories, or your interpretation of the Hagada with all of us around the table. Every guest that would like to speak, sing a song or show us a short video is more than welcome.

The minimum amount for a full meal (of several courses) including drinks and wine is €30; anything extra is more than welcome. (For students and children €20).

Discount is possible upon request.


Early reservation is required at:

More information will be provided after reservation.


We hope to welcome many of you.