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November 1, 2015

In 2016 gate48’s main partner and financial supporter for the past 8 years will stop supporting our activities. We therefore need to other resources so we can continue our work. These are in part other funds that have supported us in the past and through which we have already secured part of our activities for 2016. Another path that we wish to follow is to appeal to you, the people that have supported us over the years by following and visiting our activities and expressing your appreciation for our work. If you find that our critical Israeli voice is needed in the Netherlands and you find our activities important than please support us. Your donation, small or big, can help us to continue our work.

You can support us financially in two ways: one-time gifts or periodic donations. Both forms of financial support to gate48 are Income Tax (IT) deductible because gate48 is registered as a General Benefit Institution (ANBI). In addition, the ANBI status exempts gate48 from paying any gift tax on the donations.

We hope that you wish to appreciate our work financially and if you are interested or want more information about supporting us financially than please visit our donation page (in Dutch).