critical Israelis in the Netherlands

gate48_A6lightgate48 is a platform for Israelis living in the Netherlands who oppose the occupation of the Palestinian territories and call for its end. We wish to convey to the Netherlands opinions and voices which show that criticizing Israel’s official policy is not the same as being anti-Israeli.

gate48 organizes activities in the Netherlands that provide a platform to people from Israel/Palestine who work together in non-violent ways to resist the occupation and to find a just solution for all. We strongly believe that the two peoples who share the same land must share equal justice and equal rights.

Collapsing Prospects: Palestinians in Area C/West Bank

 Presentation of a Dutch expert report

 Tuesday 21 June at 20:00, CREA Amsterdam

PL-RAPPORT AreaC-posterIn October 2015, an interdisciplinary team of Dutch experts visited Occupied Palestine with the objective to assess the Human Security situation of Palestinian communities in the area and the possibilities for sustainable development projects there. Subsequently, their goal was to offer Dutch policy makers recommendations for specific engagements. The team was composed of people with expertise in water management, gender and conflict, human rights law, human security, economic and social development. Its members were Rachel Kurian, Aalt Leusink, Peter van Lieshout, Marloes van Noorloos and Dubravka Žarkov. The focus of their mission was rule of law and human rights, access to natural resources, and demolition and building policies and practices. The mission was initiated and organized by gate 48, critical Israelis in the Netherlands and Palestine Link, an organization of Palestinians in the Netherlands. Read more

Viral Occupation:  Israeli Military Rule and the Smartphone Camera

 Lecture by Rebecca Stein, Duke University

Monday, 13 of June  15.00-17.00  University Universiteitstheater (room 1.01A Nieuwe Doelenstraat 16) Amsterdam


Israel’s occupation has been transformed in the age of digital technologies.  Today, all of the political players in the theater of occupation rely on digital camera technologies and viral image circuits for political claims making.  Read More


This seminar is organized by gate48-critical Israeli’s in the Netherlands and SECURCIT project (ERC) at the UvA