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50 years of occupation: a new phase of violence and oppression alongside new opportunities for change

Tuesday 18 April 2017, 20:00 NieuwLand Amsterdam

Discussion with the Israeli human rights lawyer and activist Eitay Mack

Nearing the sixth decade of its military occupation of the Palestinian Territories, the State of Israel has completed a process of ‘mask removal’ with total immunity for its ‘security’ forces. Palestinians face massive oppression, and courts, that are neither independent nor functional. Furthermore, we see a dramatic political persecution of critics of the existing order, in Israel and abroad.

Lawyer Eitay Mack will talk us through political , judicial and security perspective changes leading to Israel’s resemblance to South Africa’s Apartheid regime in its last phase, from the mid-1980s, prior to the political reforms that took place there.. In the lecture we will discuss what can be done in the ‘Trump age’ to ensure that this is indeed the last phase of Israeli occupation, and not the end of the Palestinian struggle., as happened with the Tamil minority in Sri Lanka.

Eitay Mack is an independent human rights lawyer based in Jerusalem. In addition to defending the rights of Palestinians, and Israeli human rights activists, he also works for increased transparency and public oversight of Israel’s defense exports.